Feb 27 - Feb 28

MAPL Raleigh 2021

Raleigh Convention Center
Raleigh Convention Center
Feb 27-28

For more information about the Triangle Volleyball Club's MAPL Raleigh, please visit this link: MAPL Raleigh.


The RCC is excited to welcome MAPL Raleigh back to the facility for its 13th year! Please note that while the current Executive Order does allow spectators if they are able to socially distance, we are unable to accommodate spectators safely (i.e. socially distanced) at every court given the number of courts that have been implemented for the MAPL tournament and the pathways for foot traffic. Given time constraints, the event plan was unable to be modified in order to accommodate the space required for spectators to social distance, which would have ultimately required decreased courts and thus athlete play time. 

After careful consideration with the event organizer, it was agreed upon to move forward with the existing plan. While we understand that families may be disappointed, this decision allows the event to proceed in the true to the spirit of MAPL– to offer a highly competitive and safe event for its participants and the volleyball community.

We look forward to being able to safely welcome back all of MAPL Raleigh's families at future events.