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A Center That Defies Convention

We do this by simply saying 'yes'. To your unique needs and high expectations. From service and amenities, to flexibility and quality, whatever you need, you'll find people who care about making it happen. All inside a world-class architectural wonder, surrounded by fantastic hotels, performance stages and a vibrant, welcoming downtown. Our hearts and minds are wide open and ready to embrace your world!

Sir Walter Statue turns 40


Raleigh Convention Center

Cree Shimmer Wall adorns the Raleigh Convention Center's West Wall, Welcoming all citizens and Visitors to Downtown Raleigh.



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RCC Bandwidth Supports Massive Usage at Tech Conference

Internal Team Built Infrastructure Holds Up to Building’s Biggest Wi-Fi Usage


Raleigh Convention Center Issues a Statement on House Bill 2
The Raleigh Convention Center will continue to support all customers and visitors with respect and care regardless of race, color, religion, age, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability. This position is in alignment with our city’s policy of nondiscrimination. House Bill 2, recently passed by the North Carolina General Assembly, does not reflect the values of our facility. We are privileged to serve a diverse public who contribute immensely to the strength and vitality of our area. It is of the utmost importance that all attendees feel comfortable in our facility; and our staff will make every reasonable accommodation to ensure our guests feel welcome. Our mission is to provide an outstanding customer experience that assures that the needs of all customers are met.

Raleigh City Council Endorses Chamber of Commerce's
Statement Against HB2

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Who We Are

The Raleigh Convention Center, the Red Hat Amphitheater and the Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts are all within toe-tapping steps of one another. These interlinking facilities are a cultural centerpiece of downtown Raleigh, irresistibly blending entertainment and convenience for convention goers and weekend visitors alike.

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