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Not ‘Going’. GONE GREEN.

The Raleigh Convention Center is peerless in its efforts at being a sustainable, life-enhancing venue. We are tirelessly mindful of the impact our operations might have on the environment around us, and have partnered with multiple resources to minimize that effect. Making sure our carbon footprint stays a size ‘XXS’, in other words.

Our LEED® Silver-Certification is simply the badge that represents an enterprise-wide commitment to being as environmentally sustainable as possible. From our solar-panel-laden roof to the bins of compost in our basement, our Center teems with green.


A Snapshot of Sustainability:

  • We’ve replaced the mercury vapor lighting throughout facility with more energy efficient LED– projecting up to an 83% energy savings per bulb
  • Bulb life is expanded to 5+ years with significant reduction in maintenance costs
  • LED Lighting in main entry, exits and perimeter street lighting
  • City-installed electric vehicle charging station and Bigbelly Solar trash compactor at surrounding street corners
  • Our HVAC System reduces energy by 20%, overall exceeding the ASHAE standard by 25%
  • Replaced outdated water heaters to more energy efficient On Demand system increasing efficiency rating by 20%
  • Facility utilizes underground water to supplement facility cooling tower, reducing water usage by 25,000 gallons per day
  • The Convention Center works with a Building Automation Software (BAS) provider for integration of facility HVAC with event scheduling software - resulting in reduction of unnecessary heating/cooling of unoccupied areas
  • 41 tons of our facilities' cardboard is diverted from landfill annually
  • Facility initiative for chemical-free cooling tower treatment
  • Employ daily sustainable practices including facility-wide recycling and use of environmentally safe cleaning products and supplies
  • Our catering partner, Centerplate, uses 100% biodegradable food-service items, donates excess food to local food banks and composts all food wastes
  • Centerplate also partners with local vendors and farmers, pledging a 10% use of their products yearly

Rooftop Solar panels - Raleigh Convention Center

Rooftop Solar panels - Raleigh Convention Center

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