Our Permanent Collection

Cyanotype butterflies from the Swarm piece of art by Leah Sobsey. Pictured from the RCC Main Lobby.

The Raleigh Convention Center is pleased to showcase artworks from the City of Raleigh Municipal Art Collection. The Municipal Art Collection holds more than 600 fine art and public art pieces by local, state, and national artists.

Displayed throughout Raleigh in public buildings, parks and other city-owned property are works that include:

  • paintings, prints, drawings, textiles, posters,
  • and large-scale sculptures as well as artworks used for education purposes at the Pullen and Sertoma Arts Centers.

Bland Hoke

Leah Sobsey

Bob Rankin

Ely Urbanski

George McKim

Jason Craighead

Mariam Stephan

Mario Marzan

Peter Marin

Saba Taj

Stephen Hayes

Susan Toplikar

Thomas Sayre